Ben and his Rover (Dora) at Play

Left: Mid-Atlantic Rally I (Penlam Farm, Virginia, October 1994), right after I came back from exploring some nearby fire roads and firebreaks with a bunch of Canadians.
Right: Mendo_recce Snow Run 1 (Mendacino Nat'l Forest, February 1995). I missed everyone at the starting point and caught up to them here despite running on only 3 cylinders and carring a heavy load (I had a full 2 1/4 liter engine in back).

Left: More Snow Run 1. Sometimes the river wasn't a problem
Right: And sometimes it was. (Lesson: Rovers don't like to idle in 1st gear low while wading with 3 operating cylinders)

Left: Same River, just deeper. Funny the ford was washed out and after crossing the river we found the "Road Closed" signs.
Right: More of the same

Paradise Canyon, October 1995.

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Last Modified 24 November 1995