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This FAQ is primarily concerned with Land Rovers built between 1948 and 1984 (The end of the Series III--Defender, Discovery and Range Rover information will be added when found). We are currently expanding our coverage to include the newer models. While there may seem to be emphasis placed on North American Land Rovers, this is due to information available at the time of writing. Any additional information, or corrections, are welcome.

This FAQ is divided into six portions:

  • The first portion deals with what is a Land Rover, what to look for when you are considering purchase and general maintenance.
  • The second portion deals with identifying specific models of Land Rovers
  • The third portion deals with Land Rover events, sales, and production
  • The fourth portion deals with each type of Rover.
  • The fifth portion deals with support. Books, magazines, clubs et cetera.
  • The sixth portion deals with any other topic


Last modified December 4, 2014.